Multiple Room Baby Monitor – Our Top Pick

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If you are looking to buy a multiple room baby monitor you’ll have already noted that they are few and far between.  As a result things can get very expensive for families with two babies or young children when they wish to monitor both at the same time.  The reason for this is that you essentially have to pay twice – you have to by two camera transmitter units and two hand held video receiver units.  Ouch!  The neatest solution is try find a baby monitor that’s capable of concomitantly receiving and displaying a signal from two different cameras.  In this way you still need to buy two cameras but only one portable receiver unit.  This is without a doubt the cheapest and best way to get a multiple room baby monitor.  The device shown opposite is our absolute top pick and is one of the top baby monitors with camera for parents with two babies or young children.

Why do we like the device pictured opposite so much?  Well the first thing is that it’s manufactured by one of the world’s leading baby manufacturers – Summer Infant.  While less well known brands can be unreliable and suffer from lots of interference this product has a reputation for incredible quality and benefits from consistently positive customer feedback.  If you invest in one of these then you simply can’t go wrong.

It’s also one of the most attractive baby monitors on the market.  The picture shown opposite doesn’t do the product full justice.  When you see one in the flesh the pastille colors are exquisite and you just can’t help but admire it.

The screen size is adequate (1.8 inches) and provides a crystal clear image.  Although other models with larger screens are available the quality of this screen makes it unnecessary to go any bigger and there are many models with a substantially larger screen that produce a significantly more grainy image that you will  get from the Summer Infant.

The night vision mode on this device is probably one of the best on the market giving you a clear picture of your baby even in pitch black rooms.  This can be a significant failing of some of the other available models.

The transmission range of the product is sufficient for families with both small and large homes and the you’ll be able to receive a strong signal throughout your home and garden over distances of up to 350 feet.

Another great advantage with this product is the super long battery life.  The baby monitor incorporates state of the art technology to give you 600 minutes of battery life and comes with a recharger pack so you never need to buy batteries.

All in all this is an incredible baby monitor.  If you want to buy a multiple room baby monitor then this device should be at the very top of your list.

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