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Walkie Talkie Baby Monitor – Talk To Your Baby Remotely

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One of the biggest failings of many baby monitors with camera is the fact that you can see your baby, you can hear your baby but there is no way of communicating with them from outside the room.  This can be a flaw as many parents will realise the calming influence of their voice on their baby helping them to drift back off to sleep should they wake.  In addition to that, if your partner is in the room with your baby you can also have a 2 way conversation – which may seem a little strange at first.  The device shown opposite is leading walkie talkie baby monitor (also known as a two way baby monitor).  It’s made by one of the world’s leading baby product manufacturers and has an incredible reputation for quality.

As well as offering the option of two way communication this device has many other strengths over other products in a similar price range.  Firstly, it has a really large 2.5 inch screen which gives a super clear high definition image of your baby.  The product works both day and night and has a powerful night vision mode providing great quality video even in the darkest of rooms.  It comes complete with a state of the art lithium battery to ensure a super long battery life which can be recharged quickly and easily via the recharger pack that comes with the product.

Another great advantage about this walkie talkie baby monitor is the ability to connect it to up to four cameras which can be viewed on the same hand held monitor via a 4-way split screen.  This is great if you have twins or two young children.  However, you can just as easily place two cameras within the same room to ensure that you can see your  baby at different angles.

One of the biggest problems with many baby video monitors is that interference that’s caused by other household devices.  Fortunately, for this product customer feedback consistently indicates that interference does not seem to be a problem with this model.

Looks wise it’s stunning.  The picture opposite really doesn’t do the baby monitor justice.  It’s elegant good looks and sleek design will ensure that both the camera unit and the walkie talkie baby monitor unit will look impressive in any room.