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State Of The Art Samsung Baby Monitor – Available NOW In The UK

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If you have been searching the web for a baby monitor then you may have stumbled across a new state of the art product produced by Samsung – the Samsung SEW-3030 baby monitor system.  Unfortunately it’s not yet been launched in the US.  However, if you can wait (we don’t know the release date yet) then this promises to be one of the most incredible new developments in the world of baby monitors for quite some time.  So what will put this device in a league of it’s own?  The technology.  And the technology within this product will wow and amaze.

Firstly, with respect to conventional features this device is designed to impress and to provide parents with the ultimate peace of mind.  It comes with a huge screen (3.5 inches) which will provide one of the best views of your baby of any comparable device.  The hand held portable parent unit is absolutely exquisite and looks more like a top of the range mobile phone than a baby monitor.  And, when you’re not roaming around the house and are sitting down in front of the television you can connect the device up to your television.  There are different viewing modes but the picture in picture view enables you to keep an eye on your baby without taking your eye off your program – pretty neat!

Regardless of whether it’s daytime or night time the quality of the video is perfect and the camera can see for up to 3 meters even in the darkest of rooms.  And if you want to monitor several rooms or have several young children, each parent unit is capable of receiving video from up to four cameras (additional cameras bought separately).  If you want to talk to your baby then no problem, there’s an inbuilt two way intercom.  You can play lullabies remotely to aid sleep.  There’s even a built in thermometer to warn you if the temperature of the room becomes too high. And regardless of whether you live in a large or small home your guaranteed on receiving a clear video with minimal interference as this product is powerful enough to transmit for distances of up to 100 meters.

Now, here’s the clever bit.  Not only can you see your baby from anywhere in your home, you can also see your baby from anywhere in the world.  By connecting the device to a personal computer and integrating it with a video chat application such as Skype you can literally check up on your baby remotely regardless of your location.

So what are the downsides?  There’s just one – price.  This product is a top of the range baby monitor and, although yet to be announced for the US market, is likely to come at a top of the range price.  Even so, if you can wait, it’s money well spent.