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Best Long Range Baby Monitor – For Distances Up To 500ft

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If you live in a large house or want to monitor your baby from both in the house and from the garden then you should consider buying a long range baby monitor.  This will ensure that you can see and hear your baby from anywhere within your home or garden with no loss of sound or video quality while avoiding interference from other household devices.  In fact, even if you live in a small home selecting a longer range device can still greatly improve the quality of the image.

The device shown in the image is the best in class in our opinion.  We’ve completed quite an extensive review of this product in a different post (click here to read the full article).  However, amongst other benefits it’s able to transmit over distances up to 500 ft.  Other benefits include sleek looks, a well established brand with a reputation for quality, consistently positive customer reviews, state of the art technology to ensure 100% secure transmission to prevent others from being able to intercept the video of your child, a large 2.5 inch screen for crystal clear viewing, built in lullabies which play though a speaker in the camera and can be started remotely without even entering the room via the hand held receiver unit, a built in night light and many other benefits.

If you’re looking for a long range baby monitor this device is a pure leader in it’s class.  Buy one today – you won’t be disappointed.