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State Of The Art Samsung Baby Monitor – Available NOW In The UK

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If you have been searching the web for a baby monitor then you may have stumbled across a new state of the art product produced by Samsung – the Samsung SEW-3030 baby monitor system.  Unfortunately it’s not yet been launched in the US.  However, if you can wait (we don’t know the release date yet) then this promises to be one of the most incredible new developments in the world of baby monitors for quite some time.  So what will put this device in a league of it’s own?  The technology.  And the technology within this product will wow and amaze.

Firstly, with respect to conventional features this device is designed to impress and to provide parents with the ultimate peace of mind.  It comes with a huge screen (3.5 inches) which will provide one of the best views of your baby of any comparable device.  The hand held portable parent unit is absolutely exquisite and looks more like a top of the range mobile phone than a baby monitor.  And, when you’re not roaming around the house and are sitting down in front of the television you can connect the device up to your television.  There are different viewing modes but the picture in picture view enables you to keep an eye on your baby without taking your eye off your program – pretty neat!

Regardless of whether it’s daytime or night time the quality of the video is perfect and the camera can see for up to 3 meters even in the darkest of rooms.  And if you want to monitor several rooms or have several young children, each parent unit is capable of receiving video from up to four cameras (additional cameras bought separately).  If you want to talk to your baby then no problem, there’s an inbuilt two way intercom.  You can play lullabies remotely to aid sleep.  There’s even a built in thermometer to warn you if the temperature of the room becomes too high. And regardless of whether you live in a large or small home your guaranteed on receiving a clear video with minimal interference as this product is powerful enough to transmit for distances of up to 100 meters.

Now, here’s the clever bit.  Not only can you see your baby from anywhere in your home, you can also see your baby from anywhere in the world.  By connecting the device to a personal computer and integrating it with a video chat application such as Skype you can literally check up on your baby remotely regardless of your location.

So what are the downsides?  There’s just one – price.  This product is a top of the range baby monitor and, although yet to be announced for the US market, is likely to come at a top of the range price.  Even so, if you can wait, it’s money well spent.

Walkie Talkie Baby Monitor – Talk To Your Baby Remotely

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One of the biggest failings of many baby monitors with camera is the fact that you can see your baby, you can hear your baby but there is no way of communicating with them from outside the room.  This can be a flaw as many parents will realise the calming influence of their voice on their baby helping them to drift back off to sleep should they wake.  In addition to that, if your partner is in the room with your baby you can also have a 2 way conversation – which may seem a little strange at first.  The device shown opposite is leading walkie talkie baby monitor (also known as a two way baby monitor).  It’s made by one of the world’s leading baby product manufacturers and has an incredible reputation for quality.

As well as offering the option of two way communication this device has many other strengths over other products in a similar price range.  Firstly, it has a really large 2.5 inch screen which gives a super clear high definition image of your baby.  The product works both day and night and has a powerful night vision mode providing great quality video even in the darkest of rooms.  It comes complete with a state of the art lithium battery to ensure a super long battery life which can be recharged quickly and easily via the recharger pack that comes with the product.

Another great advantage about this walkie talkie baby monitor is the ability to connect it to up to four cameras which can be viewed on the same hand held monitor via a 4-way split screen.  This is great if you have twins or two young children.  However, you can just as easily place two cameras within the same room to ensure that you can see your  baby at different angles.

One of the biggest problems with many baby video monitors is that interference that’s caused by other household devices.  Fortunately, for this product customer feedback consistently indicates that interference does not seem to be a problem with this model.

Looks wise it’s stunning.  The picture opposite really doesn’t do the baby monitor justice.  It’s elegant good looks and sleek design will ensure that both the camera unit and the walkie talkie baby monitor unit will look impressive in any room.

Multiple Room Baby Monitor – Our Top Pick

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If you are looking to buy a multiple room baby monitor you’ll have already noted that they are few and far between.  As a result things can get very expensive for families with two babies or young children when they wish to monitor both at the same time.  The reason for this is that you essentially have to pay twice – you have to by two camera transmitter units and two hand held video receiver units.  Ouch!  The neatest solution is try find a baby monitor that’s capable of concomitantly receiving and displaying a signal from two different cameras.  In this way you still need to buy two cameras but only one portable receiver unit.  This is without a doubt the cheapest and best way to get a multiple room baby monitor.  The device shown opposite is our absolute top pick and is one of the top baby monitors with camera for parents with two babies or young children.

Why do we like the device pictured opposite so much?  Well the first thing is that it’s manufactured by one of the world’s leading baby manufacturers – Summer Infant.  While less well known brands can be unreliable and suffer from lots of interference this product has a reputation for incredible quality and benefits from consistently positive customer feedback.  If you invest in one of these then you simply can’t go wrong.

It’s also one of the most attractive baby monitors on the market.  The picture shown opposite doesn’t do the product full justice.  When you see one in the flesh the pastille colors are exquisite and you just can’t help but admire it.

The screen size is adequate (1.8 inches) and provides a crystal clear image.  Although other models with larger screens are available the quality of this screen makes it unnecessary to go any bigger and there are many models with a substantially larger screen that produce a significantly more grainy image that you will  get from the Summer Infant.

The night vision mode on this device is probably one of the best on the market giving you a clear picture of your baby even in pitch black rooms.  This can be a significant failing of some of the other available models.

The transmission range of the product is sufficient for families with both small and large homes and the you’ll be able to receive a strong signal throughout your home and garden over distances of up to 350 feet.

Another great advantage with this product is the super long battery life.  The baby monitor incorporates state of the art technology to give you 600 minutes of battery life and comes with a recharger pack so you never need to buy batteries.

All in all this is an incredible baby monitor.  If you want to buy a multiple room baby monitor then this device should be at the very top of your list.

Baby Video Monitors – The Ultimate Buying Guide

All parents want to be in a position to monitor the safety and welfare of their baby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Video baby monitors are a fantastic tool to enable you to keep a close on your baby when you can’t be in the room.  While there is a huge range of different devices on the market it’s often very difficult indeed to work out which device is right for you and how much money you should be looking to spend.  As complex as it sounds there are a just a few very simple decisions that you need to make in order to chose the device that is right for you with the best compromise between costs and features.

If you’ve not seen or used one already, baby video monitors consist of two separate units – a camera and microphone unit which are placed pointing at your baby, and a (normally portable) receiver unit which display the video and sound output.  The camera unit will normally run off the mains although devices capable of being run off batteries are also available.  The video and sound receiver unit will normally run off batteries to ensure that it can be carried around the house.  The video display will not normally be on all the time as this uses too much battery power.  It can be activated manually (normally by pushing a button) whenever you want to check up on your baby.  With other devices the video screen switches on automatically whenever it detects a sound coming from your baby’s room.  Virtually all baby video monitors come with a night vision mode enabling you to monitor your baby in a light or completely dark room.

The first key decision that you need to make is whether you want to go for a well known brand.  Well known brands tend to be more reliable and have a better after sales support service.  However, all of this comes at a cost – they are much more expensive.  Most parents prefer not to compromise on costs when buying products for their baby and they will normally stick with a brand that they have used in the past and like.  We would recommend sticking with the best well known manufacturers after reading some rather concerning reports about the cheaper alternatives.

Another important decision to some is what the device looks like – whether the camera unit will match the baby’s room and whether the hand held monitor will look neat when left out within the home.  Manufacturers appreciate the importance of producing visually attractive devices.  As well as being sleek and curvy most of these come in pale pastilley baby colours like pink and blue or in neutral white.  It’s quite a subjective decision so take a look around and see what appeals to you.

Screen size is one of the most important considerations and influences the clarity of the image produced on the video monitor but also quite substantially on the cost of the device.  Even a small increase in the size of the screen can have a really drastic impact on the price.  It all comes down to affordability.  Large screen sizes of 2.5 inches or more produce a stunning image enabling you to see every single movement from within your baby’s room.  However, the smaller screen sizes are still perfectly adequate enabling you to see enough.  Most will go for a smaller screen size (1.5 inches) – larger screen sizes are a luxury if you can afford it but are unnecessary in terms of the over functionality of the product.

Another key decision is the range of the device.  If you live in a small home or in an apartment in the city then you don’t need a particularly powerful transmitter.  Anything with a range of 150 feet or more will be enough.  In direct contrast, if you live in a large home and want the device to work into the garden then you need to think about buying a long range baby monitor with a transmission range of 350 feet or more.  Regardless of the size of your home however, the more powerful the device the less interference you will notice from other household electrical devices.

If you have two children that you need to monitor it can be quite expensive as most devices are only intended for one child and one room.  Buying two cameras and two video monitors can be very expensive and also inconvenient to carry around the home.  A best solution is a dual room baby monitor which enable you to buy an additional camera which transmits to your existing hand held monitor.  The hand held monitor then enables you to easily switch between rooms.

The cost of batteries is something to consider.  Baby video monitors use a lot of power so if you continually have to replace the batteries it can be very expensive.  Make sure that you choose a rechargeable device or at least a product that comes with a battery recharging pack.  Of course, if you already have your own battery charger you need not worry.

Optional but helpful extras should be your final consideration.  In particular, some products come with the ability to play lullabies which can be remotely turned on via the hand held unit.  This is an extremely effective way of sending your baby back off to sleep without entering the room as we all know that as soon as your baby sees you the job of getting him or her back to sleep becomes considerably more difficult!  A built in light night can also have a soothing effect on your child further promoting comfort and sleep.

Choosing a baby video baby monitor is not as complex as it probably first seems.  By weighing up the value of the various options and the resulting impact on price you can ensure that you purchase a product that fulfils your key requirements at a cost that you can afford.

Best Long Range Baby Monitor – For Distances Up To 500ft

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If you live in a large house or want to monitor your baby from both in the house and from the garden then you should consider buying a long range baby monitor.  This will ensure that you can see and hear your baby from anywhere within your home or garden with no loss of sound or video quality while avoiding interference from other household devices.  In fact, even if you live in a small home selecting a longer range device can still greatly improve the quality of the image.

The device shown in the image is the best in class in our opinion.  We’ve completed quite an extensive review of this product in a different post (click here to read the full article).  However, amongst other benefits it’s able to transmit over distances up to 500 ft.  Other benefits include sleek looks, a well established brand with a reputation for quality, consistently positive customer reviews, state of the art technology to ensure 100% secure transmission to prevent others from being able to intercept the video of your child, a large 2.5 inch screen for crystal clear viewing, built in lullabies which play though a speaker in the camera and can be started remotely without even entering the room via the hand held receiver unit, a built in night light and many other benefits.

If you’re looking for a long range baby monitor this device is a pure leader in it’s class.  Buy one today – you won’t be disappointed.

Dual Room Baby Monitor – Best In the US?

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Dual room baby monitors can be very expensive as it’s normally necessary to buy two monitors and two cameras.  Most manufacturers don’t allow for the fact that you may have two babies to monitor and you effectively need to pay twice.  However, there are some products available which allow you to purchase an extra camera and both cameras transmit to the same hand held video monitor.  This not only represents a practical solution (you don’t have to carry two devices around the house with you) but can result in some substantial savings.

We have already written an extensive review of the device shown in the image above (read full review here) and consider it to be the best value baby monitor currently available in the US.  However, in addition to this it’s possible to purchase an additional camera which transmits to the same handheld unit.  Simply purchase a separate camera to monitor an additional child and you’re good to go.

We consider this to be the best dual room baby monitor for most families.  Great quality and functionality and an unbelievable price.

Philips Digital Baby Monitor Reviewed

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Philips have an incredible reputation when it comes to baby products through their AVENT range so we decided to check out the latest Philips digital baby monitor.  It’s often not the first brand which comes to mind when looking for baby monitors with camera so we decided to evaluate whether this should be on your list of products to to consider.  We very impressed by the looks, quality and functionality of this amazing product.

The first thing that we noted is that this baby monitor is highly praised elsewhere on the net.  It’s very difficult to find a negative word written about it.  Customers that bought this product therefore seem to be happy and satisfied with this product and it seems to be ultra reliable – exactly what you want for a device that it’s intended to protect the safety and well being of the most precious thing in your life.

This is also one of the most sleek baby monitors that we have seen.  It has a space age ultra modern look and is likely to appeal to todays iPod and iPhone generation.  It’s white in appearance and will therefore look fantastic in any home or room.  The hand held video monitor is particularly impressive.

So what makes this device different from other baby monitors?  The first difference is the size of the screen – it’s 2.5 inches across and is therefore much larger than other products in the same price range.  The high definition image provides a super clear picture of your baby and every movement can be seen very clearly without straining your eyes.  It also has one of the longest ranges that we have seen and you can continue to receive clear video transmitted from your baby’s room from up to 500ft away so you can obtain a crystal clear image throughout even the largest of homes and well into your garden.  The other key property of the device that the manufacturers highlight is that the transmission is 100% secure and private preventing interception of the video from others in your street.  The Philips digital baby monitor automatically searches for the most secure connection with the least interference.

It has some other neat features too.  Unlike many other devices that rely on you to turn on the screen if there’s a noise in your child’s room, this device automatically detects the noise (which can be heard via the hand held monitor’s speaker) and turns on the screen for instantaneous viewing.  The night vision function is also super sensitive providing amazing viewing even if your baby is asleep in a dark room.  The device comes with build in lullabies which can be played to aid sleep which can be activated via the hand held monitor without even entering the baby’s room.  The built in night light can create a soothing environment to make your child feel comforted when in the room alone.

All in all this is an absolutely great product.  If you’re thinking about purchasing the Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor then don’t hesitate.  What more could you want?

Levana Video Baby Monitor – Simply Stunning

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We have been reading some incredible reviews of the Levana video baby monitor so we decided to investigate further. Not only is the product feature packed, it’s also absolutely stunning to look at.  This device is an excellent choice for any family looking for baby monitors with camera.

On taking it out the beautiful packaging one can’t help but admire the pastille green coloring and elegant curves.  However, it’s not just a pretty face.  It comes with some incredibly nice touches such as the soothing night light for your baby or infant and the ability to play sweet lullabies to help your child to drift off to sleep.  What’s even more impressive is that you can control the music with the hand held monitor to either start or stop it and select a track without even entering the room.

The camera is ultraportable and can even be operated via 4 AAA batteries if you are away from a power source.  It comes complete with a crib mount which is straightforward to attach and the camera can be pointed at any angle with the magnetic base.  The built in microphone faultlessly transmits every sound to the hand held monitor while the camera transmits a crystal clear picture throughout your home.  It has super sensitive night vision functionality enabling you to see your baby both day and night.

The hand held monitor is powered with rechargeable lithium ion battery for ultimate durability and the power saving function puts the monitor on auto-standby while continuing to emit sounds.  You can turn the monitor back on in and instant if you hear your baby stirring.  It also incorporates state of the art technology to minimise any interference caused by other household electrical devices.

The elegant screen offers incredible definition enabling you to clearly see every movement that your baby makes.  This is one of the leading screens on the market and is bound to impress.  It’s superior to grainy, blurry images that you get on other comparably  priced monitors.  This device juts oozes quality.

Transmission range of the camera and microphone is more than adequate covering up to 150ft ensuring near perfect reception around your home and into your garden.  If you are looking for one of the top baby monitors on the market with an elegant appearance which is jam packed with features then this is the device for you.

Baby Monitors With A Camera – Our Top Pick

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There is such a broad range of baby monitors with a camera available on the US market, making the right choice can be quite a daunting prospect for new parents.  With so many, models and options to choose from it’s difficult to know what makes offer the best reliability, what features are most important and how much to pay for a baby monitor that you can rely on.  Fortunately after many weeks of evaluating the options we believe that we’ve identified the best all round video baby monitor which should be more than sufficient for all families.  It’s also currently available at a phenomenal price and should therefore be the first choice for all parents looking to buy.

The device is manufactured by Summer Infant who are one of the most respected and reliable manufacturers in the United States and are endorsed by baby experts worldwide.  On opening the packaging you can’t help admire the beauty of device.  It’s available in two colors – pastille blue or pastille pink – and the quality of the design is simply outstanding.  It’s extremely easy to set up and the instructions are clear and concise.  You’ll be up and running in an instant.

The product consists of two main parts.  A state of the art camera (with built in microphone) and portable receiver complete with an ultra high quality color display video screen and speaker.  The high definition of the color screen provides crystal clear viewing and the size is more than adequate to monitor your baby’s movements and safety.  It also has outstanding night vision capabilities to ensure that you can monitor your baby both day and night.  Unlike many comparable devices it has an exceptional battery life of 600 minutes and operates with rechargeable batteries than can be charged with minimal effort in the provided pack. The other substantial benefit of the device is the huge range (up to 350ft) which ensures that you continue to get a clear picture with minimal interference throughout your home or garden.

The baby monitor and camera seem remarkably robust and should be able to withstand moderate accidents.  You can also buy an additional camera to use with the hand held receiver if you have more than one child to monitor.

Key features:

  • Night vision enabling full visibility if your baby during the day and night.
  • Easy to set up.  No tools required.
  • Supplied with two AC adapters and a rechargeable battery pack for use with the hand held video monitor.
  • Audio/visual outputs enable connection to television set or video recorder.
  • Crystal clear, state of the art 1.8 inch color screen.
  • Extensive battery life = up to 10 hours of continuous use which is extended substantially by the auto-standby feature.
  • Well established global manufacturer with reputation for quality.
  • Exquisite looks which make this device look great in any home or room.
  • Robust to minimize the risk of damage from accidents.
  • Two different channels to minimize interference from other household electrical devices.

Where To Buy:

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